Soul-moving music for your weekend

ViVii – “Savant” (Live)
-I can’t explain what this song does to me, but it cuts through the air and speaks to me. I am not sure if it’s the beautiful guitar work or the soaring, delightful lead vocal. Whatever it is, the hopefulness captured in the lyrics with the soothing instrumental work just soothes my weary soul. I love this song.

Ula Ruth – “Just a Feeling”
-They call it a “slow burner” when a track starts off chill and then builds to something pretty epic. That’s how I characterize this track by Ula Ruth. The elements of the band from drums to the guitars are all intriguing, allowing the vocal to nestle itself perfectly in the mix. The thoughtful lyrics get you thinking about past relationships a bit more than you probably want, but it’s good for you.

Laura Jean Anderson – “Thinkin bout you”
-This track has a cool groove to it. It’s like the song version of a text message that you get from someone. You can tell they’re into you and you just sort of half smile. Like yeah, I got it… she wants it. Mmmhmm. I love the easy going indie pop vibe Anderson uses to convey this. It’s equal parts sensual and playful.

Dara – “Liar”
-Powerful, clear vocals will always jump out at us. Dara’s style is really captivating. When you read her story about being discovered by Dave Cobb at age 14 and developing in the industry, you can understand the uncharacteristic maturity of her music. That’s why. I love the attitude in the lyrics, but more than anything I just enjoy the timeless melody and composition of this great song, punctuated with Dara’s exceptional vocal.

Marsicans – “Suburbs”
-If indie pop rock is your thing, you’ll love Marsicans. We’ve covered them several times, but they just keep impressing us with this sound. It’s like you’ve heard it before, but it always cuts through with a fresh precision. Having just moved to a ranch in the suburbs, I can’t help but say “oh yeah” listening to this one.

Kelsy Karter – “God Knows I’ve Tried”
-The copy says that Kelsy Karter is like if Steven Tyler and Angelina Jolie had a one night stand. Honestly, I figured that was just a silly comment about “looks” but my GLORY does she have a Steven Tyler thing going on musically. This is what a powerful pop songstress can do. I honestly have no idea why this is not playing on the top 40 right now. This is a fantastic song.

Cyrus Reynolds – “Foraker” ft S Carey
-Allow this music to breath life into you. Honestly that’s what it’s here for and it does it so well. You can’t decipher every lyric, but must like a Bon Iver track you don’t really need to. There’s a feeling that eminates from the track that is powerful and deeply moving. I am not sure the story behind this track, but it is dripping with some sort of spiritual gravitas. Is it love? Perhaps.

Donna Missal – “Keep Lying” (Live)
-The lyrics on this track are not for the faint of heart, but they are so unbelievably satisfying. The overall track is full of grit and moxie, so I am not surprised to hear the incredibly captivating rasp in Missal’s voice. If you’re a fan of passionate lyricism and aggressive performance, give this one a spin. All kinds of feelings here, I’ll say that much…

Merch Girl – “Darling”
-I don’t always grasp dream pop, but honestly Merch Girl seems to be the one that gets me. The lyrics cut right through to your soul on this one. The little details in the melody and the intricate harmony touches make this one stand out in a sea of mediocre dream pop music. Merch Girl’s mixing shows an experimental edge with a penchant for clear, meaningful melody. I dig it.

Party Nails – “I Go to You”
-I am so glad they just kept rolling onto this take of this track. There’s some kind of magic happening with the vocals here. I can’t quite explain what it is, but maybe it’s synergy. The sum is greater than the parts, creating a kind of indie folk pop sound that is really rarely pulled off this well. It’s lyrically an intimate track but allows the listener into the storyline quite honestly and sweetly.

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