3 of our Favorite New Songwriters

Jordan Prince – “Most Famous Surprise”

If you like classic singer songwriters with vocals like Passenger, then this might just be your new favorite artist. There is a certain sweetness to the sound of Prince, and his lyrics are delicate and endearing. 12 Songs For 12 Friends is his new album and we hear a lot of promise in the young artist. The only thing we were a little disappointed in was that the track didn’t go on a little bit longer. In this world of fast and now, this might be the best compliment.

Emily Afton – “Back in San Francisco”

There is a fun vibe to this one. As lively as the title’s city, the track is an upbeat dream pop single that sticks to your earbuds. Vocally, Afton has a unique approach that is enhanced by the effects. Her talent is the ability to combine pop with an indie flare and credibility that will keep listeners engaged. The artist has that cool sound and vibe that many try to capture but few actually do.

Joel Taylor – “Give Myself Away”

This might be one of the most honest descriptions of love and it’s demands that we have heard recently. Taylor has a great style that lands in Mraz territory, but with a little more of an everyday man vibe we dig. The track is incredibly catchy and carries a great soulful vibe that will undoubtedly put him on your radar. The video is equally as endearing and was directed by fangirl Courtney Cox who was so impressed with the single, she had to be a part of it. “I am a good friend of Joel’s but more importantly a big fan of his music,” explains Cox. “When I first heard ‘Give Myself Away’ I was immediately drawn to it. It’s one of those songs that once you hear it, you just want to play it again and again. I hope people will feel the same way about the video. We had a great time making it.”

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