Five brand new indie pop artists you need to hear

Autumn Andersen – “Michigan”
-This is a love song to Andersen’s home, the state of Michigan. There’s something positively magical about the energy of the song as it builds. It is quintessential indie pop. I think Ingrid Michaelson is an easy comparison, but Andersen has a driving pop energy that feels a bit more top 40 than even Michaelson’s early stuff. I look forward to hearing how this song is received… particularly in the Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor markets.

Talk Time – “Desperate Weather”
-The glowing rock energy on this song keeps me coming back for more. Let’s not split hairs over whether this is indie pop or indie rock; whatever it is, I freaking like it, ok? The mix of the chill beat and the way the guitars seemingly float over the rest of the track… just does something to me. There’s a bit of a psych rock element here and I’m not even mad. Share this with your most “out there” friends and they’ll love you for it.

Polar States – “Oxygen”
-Start with a base of synth, add in a quality vocal, some well-placed snare, and a moving bass line… got it? Alright, you now have a delicious recipe for the Polar States sound. This is a really exciting track. When it breaks at 50 seconds, I swear you will crack the volume. This goes to show that indie pop does not have to always be bubblegum silliness; this is a serious rock song that fits the major key positive vibes of great indie pop music.

Major Love – “Toughen Up”
-Honestly if the band didn’t call themselves indie pop, I’d be afraid to give them that label. The vocal on Major Love is so serious you’ll feel it sink deep into you. This sound feels like someone took the snazziness of the 70s and the glam of the 80s and rolled them all into this power ballad. I love the message, too. There’s a need to toughen up when life gets hard. “But if you need someone to lean on, you can pick up the phone and I’ll be there to tell you you can.” Sweet! Stevie Nix eat your heart out!

The People’s Thieves – “Broken”
-Stylistically, this song feels really simple. There’s a typical rock set up with a quality lead vocal. But as the song builds there’s an urgency that comes through, allowing the emotion of the lyrics to bleed through. It evolves into a monstrosity, growing to the 2:30 mark where you will feel spine-tingling energy. I’ve never been on an arena stage with thousands singing my lyrics, but if I was I would want it to be something like this. “We’re broken but we’re not done. We are the broken ones.” Yep, that’s an anthem.

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