A playlist to finish off that long Monday workday – feat. Samm Henshaw, Anson Seabra, and others

Here it is late afternoon and you need something to power through. Check out these rad new tunes from a variety of genres and styles:

The Hungry Mothers – “Easy”
-There’s a jangly hopefulness to this track that I keep coming back to. I can’t help but make the Lake Street Dive comp for this one. They sound like other bands from the 70s (The Band, maybe?), but there’s something sweet about the tone of the lead vocal that makes them feel right at home in the 21st century. The lick on the guitar feels familiar, but to our knowledge it is a brand new song. It’s soooo easy to listen to this track.

Tom Baxter – “Black Are the Gypsy Horses”
-We’ve covered Baxter before, but this one really gets us in a new way. It’s the fingerpicking, ya know? It’s so charming yet refreshing. Then Baxter sings and his vocal is stellar, too. It’s a sophisticated brand of folk music that reminds us of the 60s which we’re too young to remember. But like… this cat could hold down a regular gig in Greenwich Village. He’s got those Gordon Lightfoot chops and we are excited for others to follow him, too.

Alexander Vincent – “I Won’t”
-When we get downtempo submissions, it’s usually some sort of slow jams version of an electro track. Imagine our surprise when this evocative piece from Vincent came across our desks. The horns, the intimate vocal, and an altogether original composition. This is what a treat of music sounds like for us. It’s really indescribable, but will totally get you to rise in your seat. The layers remind me of an audio version of a kaleidoscope, changing with each slight turn to make a completely different picture.

Samm Henshaw – “Broke”
-We’ve covered Henshaw in the past and we’re happy to bring him back to the site. Henshaw’s brand of soul music is absolutely stunning. He sings like he means every freaking word. He takes me back to an earlier time in life. I feel like I’m walking the streets of Ambridge or Beaver Falls when I listen to his music (shout out to my 724 peeps). The horns, especially, cut through the air for me and make the killer vocals really pop. Give this a spin and get your chill on, ya’ll.

Jesse and the Dandelions – “Give Up the Gold”
-Whether you call it psych rock or just plain old indie rock, Jesse and the Dandelions have a sound that’s hard to ignore. There’s a sweetness to the overall vibe that keeps me coming back for more. Some of the guitar work is particularly avant garde, but it works with the overall composition. I’m a big fan of the way the effects all work together. A lot of times this much production distorts the message, but here it works well.

Those Without – “C.O.A.C.O.”
-Three guesses where these guys are from (without Googling)… I bet you said something like California, LA, or some other surf punk location. Nope. Sweden! Yes! This is an exciting pop punk sound. When I first clicked on the track I was not sure what to expect, but they blew my headphones right off. I love the power chords and the vocals in equal measure. It takes me back to the days of bands like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte on steady MTV rotation. Good stuff.

Anson Seabra – “Kerosene”
-This is a thoughtful piano song that puts me in a unique mood. I can’t quite explain why I like it so much. The words are right on the line between clever and cheesy, but you know what? They work. The piano melody is absolutely stunning here. Seabra’s vocal is solid. I am actually just as excited to have discovered the artist as this song specifically. I can’t wait to hear where he grows from here.

Eli Lev – “Making Space”
-Lev’s sound is a little bit folk, a little bit pop, and a lot of positive vibes. Like if there was a genre called “positive vibes” I would put this on the playlist. It’s that kind of song. Lev’s style is really intriguing, too. It’s inventive without being over the top. There’s an energy in the high notes from the piano that helps to creative distance and depth to the vocals themselves. When the unconventional rhythms enter the track, you’ll feel a tangible sense of uplift. It’s so cool!

Gypsy Fingers – “Hey Maria”
-This is a pop song that has all sorts of interesting elements. First of all, the vocal is anything but the cookie cutter pop voice. Instead, there’s a texture here that’s really enjoyable and feels more “artsy” than most. The organ work on the song kind of steals it for me. The whole composition has warm energy that I want to support. Share it with your beautiful friends, okay?

Braden Lam – “Dawson City”
-The comparison for Braden Lam is City and Colour and Lumineers. I’m not even mad about that, to be honest. I can hear both in this sound. It’s a kind of rock-heavy Americana or a country-fied rock. I can’t really tell. Whatever you brand this sound, though, it’s a really intriguing sound. The lyrics make it feel wild and adventurous, too. It’s a captivating overall sound that keeps me interested for things to come from this rising artist.

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