Pop-Heavy Rock to Shock Your Pop-Heavy Heart

Do you like pop? Do you like rock? Do you like funky band names? Have I got a list for you!

Hit it!


“Out of Control” – HOKO

A wonderful groove, great lyrics, interesting vocals, roaring sound, fun mix of electro/rock variations –pretty much the best use of everything necessary for a very enjoyable rock song. This is one of those songs you bob your head to and feel deep in your tum-tum. I love a band that can make you feel good but still demonstrates talent and ability to write a daggon decent tune!

“Love, Love, Love” – BETA WAVES

Mmm… from the first second, you know you’re going to have fun listening to this song. Pure pop-rock love here. Good bass beats and smooth vocals round out this electro-heavy ditty. Yeah, I said ditty… it’s a fun word for a fun groove and flow. It’s not excessively unique or overly dramatic, but there are some definite yummy bits throughout, especially with the electric guitar addition of the musical bridge.

“In the Air” ft. Sarah Walk – ARCADES

With similar vocal stylings to that of Imogen Heap, this song manipulates multiple vocal sounds to make a layered and ambient tone. The chorus boasts a tried and true electronic pop melody. If you are into pure indie electronic pop, then this is the song for you. I wouldn’t necessarily mark this song as rock per se, but it’s still enjoyable none-the-less. It has that beat drop on the chorus that these young whipper-snappers today just have to have. Yeah, I said it. Come at me, bro.

“Monsters” – Seafret

Right away, the descending melodic motion of the acoustic guitar (and melody in general) is striking and alluring. It is a welcomed respite from the ever-common 1-4-5 chord progression. The vocals are also engaging (matched by equally-dark/impressive lyrics), which is also lovely. Musically, it’s provocative and a wonderful indie rock anthem. This is a band to watch, for sure. And if my abundant use of synonyms is any indication of how I feel about the song, then take a listen and hear for yourself. (Thesaurus sold separately.)

“1999” – VICEROY

Pop-electro artist VICEROY hits the nail on the nostalgic head with this fun, hip-hop/gospel throwback-infused 30-something theme song. He breaks his mold with this song and it’s fun, hilarious, and wistful! I am, ahem… sort-of of the age group to understand the references of the lyrics… so I, therefore, loved it. Lively piano, chipper trumpet, lovely vocals, all is not lost on this song! If you want a song to bring back memories of Saturday cartoons and hanging with your friends outside, all summer long, then this is the one for you. Relive the old days and enjoy wonderful musicality at the same time.

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