Five rising artists to make your midweek

Zach Zimmerman – “It Won’t Stay”
-I’m not sure if he’s related to Robert Zimmerman, but Zach’s definitely got some of those songwriting chops. His melodies are unconventional and moving. What I like most about the track is that it moves along with a kind of jazzy Americana momentum and an optimistic pop feel. Think John Mayer.

Thomas Keating – “I’ll Break Your Heart”
-Keating has one of the most unique voices we’ve found all year. But there’s something about the hook of this song that we can’t avoid. It did its job in hooking us in. It feels like it’s written for a TV show sound track. There’s an ethos to the track that is both sad and sort of “college rock” envigorating. It’s rare for a track in this genre to stand out in so many ways, so we thought you’d enjoy it.

SHY Martin – “Lose You Too”
-Something about the crack in Martin’s voice just sends chills up my spine. I feel like she’s singing just to me and it’s so powerful. Maybe it’s what the experts call “intimacy” in the vocal. Whatever you call it, there’s a reason this track is rising so quickly among music fans. While there isn’t really a clear “drop” to the song, it definitely builds a kind of climatic energy that is worth your time staying for the whole track.

Trevor Myall – “Pyro Heart”
-Myall is a singer songwriter who writes with passion, clearly. There’s an intensity to the sound that he cultivates in this track. There are electro elements evident in the composition. They help to build a rising feeling in the song’s overall build. The vocal comparison is easily Sam Smith but the composition style stands on its own. This is a great song!

Sophie Morgan – “Sons and Daughters”
-Morgan is an artist we have featured on ETTG a few times. We love her intimate vocal style and great songwriting. The soft style is endearing and pulls in. Fittingly, I let my own son listen to it and his four-year-old ear asked, “is this from church?” That’s pretty spot-on analysis, I’d say. It has a careful subtlety that brings together messages of love and nurturing. It’s so sweet.

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