Artists We LOVE Right Now

Ainslie Wills – “Society”

There is a lot to love about this Aussie songwriter. Her vocals alone are capable of empowering and melting hearts. She has a smoky confidence throughout the track that questions the expectations of a strange society. The music video has a certain charm too. It finds the artist walking around a drab domestic life filled with endless laundry. The mature songwriting speaks of an artist who’s strength is her authenticity and deliberate social commentary. “Society” also benefits from Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) who mixed the track.

Ben Talmi – “Coming Soon”

This is quintessential indie. Talmi is fresh off his album release Distractionism and has some incredible talent that has found him working with the likes of Tokyo Police Club and Manchester Orchestra. If you dig acts like these, then you will love Ben Talmi who has an Adrew McMahon style quality to his vocals and sound. When the track breaks out with a guitar solo toward the end, it has a way of bringing an upbeat and optimistic soaring quality to souls and earbuds. The artist has a fresh sound we think you will like.

The Shakes – “Scrumptious”

The name of the track comes from it being good enough to eat apparently. Interesting, right? While we don’t know about the edible quality, the track does have a unique and tight sound that will connect with listeners of acts like The 1975. The act describes the origins: “the song comes from the 19th year of my life. it was a pretty bitter time in my life. i was broke (still am), living on my own with some friends, and it was particularly about a “famous” girl that i had a short fling with lol. i won’t get into details but she was one of those people that always tried to one-up you in every single fucking situation.. if i had something good going on in my life, she would always find a way to reverse is back to her and relate it to her life.. everything she said was literal cringe worthy.” We dig the lyrics, but it is the sound that sets it apart. It has a fresh style that will stay with you long after it is done spinning.

The Band Ice Cream – “Your Guy”

The guitar parts on this are especially captivating. “Your Guy” is an incredibly fun track that points to the Stones and Kinks. Vocally, it fires on all cylinders with classic rock punch. We have been covering the act for awhile and it seems with their latest release, the guys have further tightened their imaginative style and structure. It has a classic New York rock feel, while not taking itself too seriously. There is a lot to love about these guys and the way they craft fun and engrossing rock jams.

The WLDLFE – “Headache”

This is a great way to wrap up our list. The electro pop stylings here are tight and incredibly dance inducing. Lead singer Jansen Hogan provides soulful vocals that play well with the relational difficulties illustrated in the track. “Headache is one of our most unique records and we think that is why it is one of our favorites,” explains Hogan. “It dives into some deeper aspects of our R&B influences. We felt like it was a risky song off the bat but the finished product was everything we hoped for and more.” Listeners across genre preferences are sure to gain something incredible by their unique style.


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