New Tracks From Passenger, Interpol, and More

At Ear to the Ground, we put a heavy focus on emerging talent. If given a chance, we rather focus our attention to the underexposed artist than the established one. This is our mission. Yet, as we do this, we still come across acts who are quasi established who continue to push artistic boundaries and authentically engage listeners. And while we will probably never cover the pop behemoths, we will continue to get excited when bands we have followed break through to much deserved success. Here is a rundown of some of those acts who have some incredible new tracks:

Passenger – “Hell or High Water”

Both credible and incredible, the songwriting resume of Mike Rosenberg has just continued to grow and impress. While seeming to be forever “established”, his 2016 release Young As The Morning Old As The Sea cemented him as a voice in the folk/Americana scene, which garnered him over a billion streams. With his new single, the artist shows his talent for a layered and building sound that will only continue to endear him to the masses. Explaining the track, Rosenberg shares: “The song is a personal inquisition. “I came out of a relationship a few years ago, and I was just baffled by it. Was it something I’d done? Something she’d done? The video was shot in various national parks – Monument Valley, Valley Of Fire, Death Valley and Joshua Tree. These epic and vast landscapes really help to portray a feeling of being lost in a hopeless quest for answers.” His vulnerable vocals and exceptional talent is on full display on “Hell or High Water”.

Marian Hill – “Wish You Would”

Odds are you heard at least one track from this duo’s breakout debut. “Down” was an impressive single that breaks genre boundaries while earning around 120,000 streams on Spotify. With their sophomore LP, the act expands their sound and shows the lively and seductive talent they are close to perfecting. “Wish You Would” has a smooth sound and alluring vocals. It is unlike much of what we come across, eager to break expectations and hearts. The band is currently touring in support of Unusual. 

Interpol – “The Rover”

The band recently celebrated the 15 year release of their classic Turn on the Bright Lights album, and with their new single, we find the band as talented as ever. What can we say about a band who has found worldwide success, while still being a somewhat under the radar act? In many ways, Interpol are enigmatic and contradictory. If there was ever a band that is both revered and misunderstood, it is this act. The Rover illustrates everything the band does well. Artistic, visceral, and experimental, the video follows a cult leader and explorer as he crashes the band’s album announcement. This is Interpol at their best. Marauder, the new album, is set for release August 24th with a major tour to follow.

Wlliam Fitzsimmons – “Distant Lovers”

The music of Fitzsimmons is perhaps some of the most vulnerable we have heard. Through his trademark whispered vocals, his songwriting is as heartbreaking and personal as ever on “Distant Lovers”, which details his recent separation from his second wife. Their are few artists who can match their authenticity with incredibly professional artistry; in this, Fitzsimmons stands alone. This sense of isolation and separation has influenced his upcoming Mission Bell LP and we cannot wait to review it. This is one of those artists who, while being highly respected, is still criminally underexposed regardless of his millions of streams.

Tash Sultana – “Harvest Love”

Her recent video showcases her immense talent for connecting to listeners, making them feel like they are the only ones in the room with her. Sultana has skyrocketed into the public consciousness, winning fans with her incredible artistry and talent. Researching her Spotify account will show just how far-reaching her music is. The Aussie songwriter is prepping an August debut album, one in which she plays all 15 instruments on the record. We don’t know if we have every heard a more successful artist who is yet to release a debut album. There is an undeniable talent here, and we only suspect her popularity to explode further with her highly anticipated release.

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