A weekend playlist to get you up and at ’em

You’ve worked hard all week, you’re tired, you’re so ready for the weekend. Now, what are you going to do on your Saturday morning? Watch cartoons? No way. Unless you’re a child or a grown person who still watches cartoons. (You know who you are.) No way! You’re going to put on some heart-healthy, life-lifting tuneage to make you feel inspired to shower and/or get dressed or at the very least, feel better about yourself…in your jammies. Be inspired, ya’ll!

(Unless you work on the weekends like I do. If that’s the case, here are some songs to jam to while at work, brooding. I feel you, I really do.)

1. Zoë – I Just Can’t Stop

One of the things I always look for in female vocals worth mentioning is purity and some genuineness behind it. Zoë’s voice is one of them. The acoustic album that “I Just Can’t Stop” comes from breeds a lot of promise and heart, stemming from her Austrian culture and honest lyrics. This song in particular, with the vocals, guitar picking, and use of piano offers a sense of drama despite its simplicity. Sometimes simplicity is key, am I right? I am.

2. Sugardrama – In Ten Years from Now

Sugardrama’s “In Ten Years From Now” starts as many folk tunes before it – a guitar strum, hearty lyrics, and a rustic, raspy voice. But as the second half of the first verse starts, the honesty and poignancy prevail. Wrapped in a wave of feeling, (accompanied by accordion and eventually a super well-timed banjo) the song starts to transport you somewhere you’ve never been before, but so desire to. It’s a beautiful, calming, beautifully written piece of music. All signs point to you seeing/hearing more of them in the future.

3. Jamie Wrecs – San Francisco

Good beat? Sweeping vocals? Fun chord progression? Love-lost in the big city? Check, check, check, double check. Jamie Wrec’s “San Francisco” is the perfect tune to tap that toe and bounce that head to in your handy dandy daily life. With the top off of some nice harmonies and some yummy piano, you’ll be down to jam to this happy-yet-sad tune. (That’s the thing of when like, the song sounds happy, but the premise is not.)

4. Besides Daniel – Wonderfully Made

Besides Daniel has given us a gift with “Wonderfully Made.” Musically simple it may be, lyrically it is not. Dreamy, beautiful, and lovely it truly is. “I’ve seen a million colors in your dancing, you are wonderfully made.” Now come on, if that isn’t a fantastic lyric, then I don’t know what is! Lucky for you, I do. I love the addition of the electric piano on the second half of the song, as it adds a little ethereal element. Like a little fairy guiding you along and into self-awareness and self-acceptance. A self-confidence fairy! Did I just invent that? I think I did!

5. Carrousel  – The Fire In Your Eyes

From the get-go, Carrousel’s “The Fire In Your Eyes” offers up a tasty morsel of what’s the come. A bit of electro-goodness and smooth vocals give way to a chorus that’s as much pop as it is sultry and makes you feel the lyrics on a deeper level. The female voice also makes you go from “Oh” to “Oooooh” as she has some definite pipes and proves her addition is not only welcomed… but also desired. A love song to faith, it delivers hope as well as good vibes. Take me to your church, people!


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