3 Of Thursday’s Best Tracks

Natalie Shay – “Perfume”

The 19 year old electro pop artist Natalie Shay, has a talent that well surpasses her time on this earth. The blend of style and substance on her new track both nods at the past while capturing the present musical tastes extremely well. The North London crooner has been playing instruments since 5 years old and has a wide exuberance that will strike a chord with many for years to come. With “Perfume”, she is sure to continue her accent into the larger musical consciousness.

The Fey – “Contender”

With a varied background that includes Baptist roots and attendance at Berklee College of Music, lead vocalist Zack Watkins envisions a rich and clever sound that he has described as “The new American Band.” The sextet is a bountiful mix of blues, soul, dirty rock, and even includes a little rap verse that makes this one of the most combustible tracks we have heard in awhile. Also, if you love guitar solos, “Contender” will definitely meet your fix.

Ryvoli – “Ulysses”

The Kentucky based duo of Jenn Whiteman and Samantha Howard originally met in France where they discovered a shared musical chemistry which led to the palpable chemistry found on “Ulysses”. The track is based on the Apollo 11 space mission. “For better or for worse, we have no control over life’s smallest happenings that can sometimes become the biggest turning points,” the duo explains of the track. The harmonic folk of the group is incredibly affecting and engaging on every level. There is a deep sound here that will stick to your ears and being for days to come.

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