An intriguing mix to start the week – Lunchtime Playlist June 18

Muddy Ruckus – “Bellows to Mend”
-If blues are your thing, you need to spin Muddy Ruckus. We’ve covered them many times on the site, but they keep blowing us away with their solid work. It feels gritty and raw, yet the performance is polished and quality. When it all comes together, you feel a sense of raw hopefulness.

Cuesta Loeb – “Out of”
-The vocal blending from Cuesta Loeb is some of the finest we’ve heard this year. The raw and gritty guitar work will keep you coming back for more. The juxtaposition of the pure vocal bliss with the guitar work is sure to leave an impression on listeners. This is what alt rock is supposed to do; it’s jarring and enlightening all at once.

Benjamin Love – “Kiss it better”
-When it comes to funky rock, this track from Benjamin Love hits the sweet spot. The lyric is pretty straightforward, but it’s the next-level guitar work that really makes the track work. The guitar solos here are excellent. Love’s style will make you wonder how on earth he’s not all over the radio right now.

The Ambient Light – “Feelin Kinda Lost”
-This snappy indie pop jam is just perfect for summer weather. There’s an honest glow to the mix that is really rewarding. The harmonies are bouncy and optimistic, giving the track a flavor that feels fresh. In a world of indie pop that is far too often 80s derivatives, this song forges a fresh new style worth your time.

LOVA – “Careful”
-This quirky and engaging track packs a powerful lyrical punch. It’s ultimately about abuse, so be warned. But at the same time, the optimistic flavor comes around with a really inspiring sensibility. It’s about having perseverance in the face of someone putting you down. It’s so wonderfully anthemic you’ll definitely find yourself singing along… “you should… be careful with me.”

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