Two massive hits from the UK – Greg Holden and JC Stewart

In lieu of a lunchtime playlist today I want to share two songs and I want you to listen to them both carefully. These are incredible songs from two superbly talented artists. First is a guy you’ve heard about on our site, the other is brand new and we totally love him.

Greg Holden – “On the Run”
-This hit from UK golden boy star of “Boys in the street” encapsulates some of the sunniest, catchiest elements we’ve heard yet for the summer of 2018. If you’re looking for a glowing 80s pop aesthetic, you found your new favorite song. The lyrical content is relatable, too, talking about reconciliation from a broken relationship. As Holden expresses his heartfelt apology, you can’t help but picture yourself in an 80s Corvette cruising the narrow roads of the Pacific Coast. It’s glorious.

JC Stewart – “Medicine”
-This song has got me all sorts of messed up, if I’m honest. I keep listening to it over and over hearing something new. It’s got this brilliant pop sensibility that mixes elements of romance and spirituality. The key lyric “if love is pain then set me on fire” gives me chills. Seldom do we find music that so perfectly blends the lyrical sentiment with the musical content, but this song does it. Hang around for that drop around 1:35 and you’ll hear why we love this song so much. It’s definitely on my song of the year list.

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