Ascending singer songwriters – Lunchtime Playlist May 29

Erik Mutzke – “Friends Again”
-Anyone who has ever been through the roller coaster of a breakup can relate to this song about wanting to be friends again. The plaintive vocal style from Mutzke works perfectly with the intricate fingerpicking folk style of his guitar. When the high vocal harmony joins, the song becomes delicate and meaningful. This is an absolute gem.

Sam Lynch – “Make Light”
-Lynch has an incredible vocal style that’s going to melt you right where you’re sitting. There’s a lilting softness in her vocal all while having a powerful message in the lyrics. Sounding a bit like old time country blended with modern singer songwriter, Lynch brings a much-needed new voice to music. Almost hypnotic in its purity, “Make Light” is a bit of a Siren song and like most adventurers I’m not complaining.

Lora Kelley – “Both Hands”
-Classic folk music tells a story that can bring characters to life. The first time listening to this song I thought this song was about a child, but I realized the subject is much older. There’s an endearing sweetness to it, so I won’t spoil it. Let’s talk about the music itself though; Kelley has a crystal clear vocal quality that feels like she might have classical training. The quaint lyricism seems to defy the relative youth of the voice.

Ewan J Phillips – “Unblind”
-Toeing the line between folk and pop, Phillips brings real heart to this composition. The electro elements here hit in a way that feels punctuated and intentional. The piano acts as a glue that brings cohesion to the whole song. Phillips’s delicate articulation of the lyrics over top of the pop styled main melody works really well. I can’t decide if it’s a dance track or just a sit and listen track, but it’s one that needs to be noticed. If you’re a fan of the Maggie Rogers folk-electro fusion, this track is for you.

Ella Grace – “Run”
-One of our favorite follows on YouTube is an artist named Dodie Clark; Ella Grace has a similar sweetness in her vocal and songwriting style. The phrasing on this song “Run” is enough to capture our imaginations, but adding in Grace’s thoughtful lyricism and crisp vocal delivery make this a truly exciting track. It’s a song that evokes freedom of movement, with a desire to be with someone but also to get out and enjoy life. It’s moving – truly – in every sense of the word.

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