Amp up your weekend playlist – Late Lunch Playlist May 25

Orla Gartland – “I Go Crazy”
-Sometimes relationships are smooth and butterflies, but sometimes they are conflicted and distruptive. The latter is the subject of Gartland’s song “I Go Crazy.” Love can be so enrapturing and fascinating, but it can make us feel a bit crazy. Why don’t you just talk about your feelings? Because it’s hard, that’s why. This uptempo indie pop anthem is one that will connect with a lot of people.

Alfred Hall – “Since I Saw You”
-This chilled out Norwegian pop rock act is exactly what your weekend needs. It’s just bubbling under the surface, making you feel like you’re in a Bond movie or something. I can’t really think of a better word than “cool” for this song. The guitars, keys, and vocals are all so silky smooth.

Anastasia Max – “Brat”
-The driving indie rock anthem style stands out for us on this track from Anastasia Max. The vocals are right on the line of spoken and shouted in places, but we find it to be enjoyable. There’s an evident passion in the lyrics and their delivery. The powerful chords keep the track moving and the beat keeps your head bobbing throughout the track.

Eric Frisch – “I Can’t Sing With a Broken Heart”
-Frisch has a sincere singer songwriter vibe. You might be wondering why this is on an “amped up” playlist; well it’s because this is the track you should play for your loved ones who enjoy Peter Paul and Mary records. The dulcet tones of the vocalists feel like they’re from another era, yet seem to provide a much needed calming element to our chaotic world.

Aaron Ward – “I don’t mind”
-Ward’s songwriting is calming and intriguing. His lyrics can really open you up, allowing raw and organic language to speak right through the track. His style reminds me a bit of an unfiltered version of what George Ogilvie does. Ward’s raw yet precise style feels a paradox in a good way. He’s worth a listen.

George Taylor – “Come Follow Me Down”
-This production from Taylor has some massive elements to it. From the tension-building chords to the hypnotic beat, Taylor builds a song that feels like an elephant in the room. Once the break happens, a bluesy invitation to go with him… it feels like something dark and intentionally spiritual. It’s got this bright beat with a dark message. The juxtaposition is intriguing.

VACAY – “Shaky Hands”
-I’ve had this track queued up several times but haven’t shared it until this list. Why? Because I like it so much I wanted to make sure that it had a good fit. This variety list allows listeners to connect to the the thoughtful lyrics and emotional piano work here. The lyrics are sweet, a romantic notion of a nervous person waiting for a person they are pursuing. I would venture to guess almost everyone can connect to this feeling.

Manuel the Band – “Casual Love”
-One of my favorite things about processing submissions is finding one like this. I had never heard of Manuel the Band. It sort of felt unassuming with a simple logo and relaxing opening. Then the lead vocal entered the track with its clear tone and clever lyrics. Once the full band takes off at the midpoint of the song it ends up being the confident expression of a very relatable relationship. It feels distinctly modern with a kind of John Mayer feel to it in both lyrics and melody.

Colin Watt – “Chicago”
-If you’re a fan of jazz-blues-pop elements fused into one, give Colin Watt your attention. This track has a coolness about it that is both proud of life in the Windy City and reflective about the potential of a relationship. I’ll warn you, though, there’s a break in the song that brings in some electronic and hip hop elements that may not be for everyone. But if you’re ready for it, you mind find yourself convulsing with raw energy.

JT Roach – “Lazy Kisses”
-Alright here is the song for your Sunday afternoon. Let’s just stay right here at home. It’s a nice poppy singer songwriter track that fits the mood of a relaxing day. You can almost feel the sunshine coming through the track. The vibe is a bit Michael Franti and we love that about it. It’ll make you sway and want to be with your favorite people.

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