Pound your kick drum heart! – Lunchtime Playlist May 24

The Moving Stills – “Nineteen”
-This indie rock act from Australia has us swooning. Their overall style has a nice groove and they layer the guitars nicely. Rather than feeling like a throwback, it feels more like a thoughtful blend of past styles. Also, we’re embarassed how much the lyrics about not being “young anymore” resonates with us.

Colin Magalong – “Bodies in a room”
-We sometimes tell people we don’t really cover club tracks, but when it’s like this we absolutely do. Take a disco beat and a modern electro style you get Colin Magalong’s lusty dance anthem. It’s carnal and positively hedonistic. If this one doesn’t make you dance, please consult your doctor.

Dana and the Wolf – “Lie to me”
-Look we know we have interesting folks who read this site with a wide range of morals, so we won’t judge or anything. That being said, if you’ve never been in a situation where you wanted someone to just lie to you and let it happen… I mean. C’mon. This is an incredible song about doing bad, bad things. The heavy bass beat and powerful female lead vocal come together for something that is really superb.

Punchline – “Friend from the future”
-When it comes to punk music, there’s plenty of booming drums and great harmonies. Punchline carry on that great pop punk tradition with this track about a friend from the future. It’s about advice and sharing in life’s reflections. Punk has always amazed me with the angry philosophy that it so often reflects. This is a surprisingly witty and fulfilling track.

Blynd Birds – “Vice Veins”
-To drive home the theme of this playlist, check out the punctuated drums on this jam. It’s got a killer beat and some good vocals to boot. The track reflects a sound that we often look for but rarely find; it’s familiar enough to fit with the rock genre but has experimental elements to make it stand out. What a great song! Share this one with your best friend and worst enemy, but don’t them which one is which.

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