Rock Feature: The Mason District

We received a few selections from the Mason District and enjoyed them all. So here are three exciting tracks that you are sure to enjoy from a rising indie rock band.

“Earth to Lucy” has a kind of blues rock vibe to it in a “Strokes meet Maroon 5” way. The lyrics and overall melody are quite catchy. You’ll find yourself tapping your toes or nodding your head along to this one. There’s a sweet openness between the guitar and the atmospheric keys that we really dig.

“Ghost” has a nice natural groove to it. Of course there are more blues hints in this one, but it’s mostly a soaring rock jam that deserves broader attention. There’s a kind of Creedence Clearwater Revival vibe to it at times. Maybe it’s the earnestness in the lead vocal, but you’ll definitely pick up a Fogerty feel on this track. It’s the kind of track that makes me want to shoot pool and have a drink.

SO we started with a song we really like, added one we said should be widely known, and now we’re sharing the absolute HIT from the Mason District. This track “Lose Your Mind” is straight up one of the best rock songs we’ve heard in all of 2018. The lyrics aren’t exactly for the kids, but they are 100% rock n’ roll. The overall style of the band is really enjoyable. It’s an organic and enjoyable pure rock energy that keeps us coming back for more.

Maybe there are other comparisons to be made here, but this kind of electric sound from The Mason District is what keeps us going when it comes to finding new rock music. They sound like you’ve heard them before, but they are immense talents just taking off. We hope to catch them live sooner rather than later.

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