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Family And Friends – “Winding Roads”

The Athens stationed folk rock pioneers are masters at dipping in and out of various styles that keep listeners guessing what they will hear next. Leaning on the folk side of a collective ragtag act, the band also finds some Petty esque rock vibes while mixing some psych elements for good measure. The end result is something that is compelling and worth your attention. Their debut LP Felix Culpa was also produced by Brad Wood ( Liz Phair, Smashing Pumpkins), which helped to cultivate their expansive sound.

Christina CF – “Ultimatum”

We don’t typically cover a lot of tracks quite like this. You can therefore trust us when we say that it is ultimately worth your time as well as catchy as hell after the first listen. The solo Canadian artist has a knack for hooks that stay with you. “Music is such a powerful way of connecting with others”, says Christina. “I just want to make people feel things with the songs I create – whether it be a song I write for myself or another artist. I hope the public vibes with “Ultimatum” the same way friends and family have.” She is also relatively new to the craft, which is also very impressive. The end result is a solid pop effort that will only increase her audience. She will be a fun artist to keep an eye on as she continues to grow as a songwriter.

Flora – “Two Islands”

It is difficult for us to come up with a proper description of this Huntsville, Alabama act. For us, this is artistry at the highest level. Clocking in at just under 8 minutes, the band weaves a sophisticated tapestry of post rock that we find mind blowing. With no sense of urgency, but still very urgent, the band plays a phenomenal instrumental track that will stick with listeners regardless of their taste or preference. Off their soon to be released full-length The Bottom, the band have a large sound that is uniquely displayed on “Two Islands”.
The Bottom by Flora

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