A playful music mix – Lunchtime Playlist May 17

Whitney Fennimore – “Stones”
-This track is full of excitement but also deep sincerity. The central metaphor about “throwing stones” pulls together the raw emotion of reconciling a relationship. Anyone who has ever gone through a rocky time in a relationship will enjoy this sing-a-long powerful anthem. It makes you want to fight it out, but get through it.

Handmade Moments – “Where Do You Find the Time?”
-If it’s possible for an Americana song to be “funky” then that’s what this is. The attitude on it is really endearing. The string work comes across as chill, but is actually really difficult. The vocal duo is sweet and satisfying in its own right. This is that modern Bohemian vibe that we rarely find but love to support when we do find it.

Vogts Sisters – “Prove Me Wrong”
-I’m not going to say the Weepies or the Waylin Jennies or even I’m With Her… okay, so maybe I said it. But these two talented sisters are winning some hearts. The twangy Americana they make is guaranteed to melt your hearts and make you wish you were in the mountains, even if you’re the coldest city slicker. The lilting vibrato on the vocals are authentic while the string work feels as refreshing as the front porch breeze. I could listen to these talented ladies all day.

Lucy Lowe – “Ripe”
-The perfect balance between electro dynamics in the background and crystal clear lead vocal makes this song an immediate “yes” for me. Lowe’s vocal quality is out of this world and I already can’t wait to hear more from her. The mix is just right on this track, allowing her lyrics to cut through. It’s about taking risks and hoping against hope that things pan out. It’s delightful and embodies the current indie pop moment quite well.

B.N – “Charades”
-The opening vocal harmonies ingratiated me to this artist in an instant. After that, feeling the electro pop energy got me dancing. The whole concept of acting to convey a message is so true in a relationship, especially in the early stages. This is a sneakily profound track, “you’re posting and boasting the most because you’re so alone.” Truth bomb blast zone! Great song.

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