Tuesday’s Genre Busting Favorites

Jesse and the Dandelions – “Not Getting Your Way”

Sure, we didn’t know what to expect when we originally heard this band’s name, but we try to come into tracks with an open mind. We are glad we did. “Not Getting Your Way” is a beautiful blend of psych, pop hooks, and layered harmonies. They are currently prepping an album for September, and we are excited. The band craft sharp and tight tracks that are incredibly engaging while leaving listeners seriously enthralled. If you dig the sonic space bands like Tame Impala creates, then Jesse and the Dandelions offer a similar, but more down to earth and pop laden option.

De Joie – “All Around Me”

There is an exceptional beauty to the music of this singer songwriter. A haunting piano leads the track while her engaging vocals lift and crash spirits. This is her follow up release to her debut, which was a well-received and solid effort. If ever an artist was able to transport listeners to a different headspace – one filled with optimism and possibilities – it is De Joie. We greatly appreciate the artistry of this young artist.  


Jacob Jeffries – “Highest Bidder” / “Something Good”

This is one of our favorite new artists we have came across recently. Jeffries crafts fun, upbeat, and painfully clever explorations into life and love that we cannot get enough of. Both of these tracks feature Vulfpeck’sTheo Katzman and can be found on his 13 track LP Mother Land, which drew upon his mother for inspiration. While garnering praise from outlets like MTV, the artist has shared the stage with acts like Gavin DeGraw, Pentatonix, andAllen Stone. Jacob Jeffries inhabits a unique musical space similar to Dr Dog, Ben Folds, and Spoon, while being refreshingly and unequivocally his own artist.


Arroyo – “Please Just Let Me Know”

The Aussie indie rock act Arroyo have an expert level skill of crafting slow burning tracks that simmer into a beautiful sonic eruption. Combining sounds from various genres and styles, their creativity could be compared to the likes of Foals. Vocally it is incredibly engaging and haunting. It is hard to believe this to be the debut track from the band – their band chemistry is palpable to say the least.

Aaron Taos – “Venom”

We have been hip to this songwriter for a while now, and we have been pretty excited to see him grow as an artist. On his latest single, Taos explodes into a funky piece of indie electro goodness. The video playfully shows the singer being captured by a super villain, played by his real life girlfriend. It is an extremely catchy jam, which you will find yourself humming throughout the day. Aaron Taos has a deep knack for creating such tracks.


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