Let’s get the folks together for a fun list! – Lunchtime Playlist May 11

Wealthy West – “Help”
-We’ve been fans of the Wealthy West for a few years now. They have a high quality “big folk” sound to them that keeps us coming back for more. Sometimes garnering comparisons with a band like The Head and the Heart, other times feeling like an old time 60s folk band. No matter the comparisons, the sentiment of the song desiring to give up and crying out for help is something we all could do better.

Yes You Are – “Come Back Home”
-Gospel. That’s the word you’ll think immediately with this song. But at the same time it’s like this perfect fusion of classic gospel and old school traditional folk music. Of course they are kissing cousins. Hearing these sounds emerge in the 21st century makes my heart smile. Anyone who lives away from “home” will resonate with these lyrics really well. It’s probably about romance, but it also works for family and just your “roots” overall.

Jordan Miller – “Hayesville”
-Some might call Miller’s music country, but we’re just going to call it good old fashioned music. The harmonies are pretty reminiscent of those AM Gold days of country music back in the early 80s. That said, the composition is almost George Strait in its purity and truth. It’s a song that you’ll find yourself humming long after it’s done.

The Underhill Family Orchestra – “Chickasaw Fields”
-A jangly folk song with the name of a Native American tribe in the title… and plenty of gang vocal to go around… mmhmm. We dig it. This is what Americana music is all about. Where some might here the easy comparison of the Lumineers, I actually get more of an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros vibe on this… and I freaking love it. I feel like I need a flannel shirt and an awesome beard to listen to this. *cracks a PBR* Naw mean?

Brother Hawk – “Good As Gold” feat Charlie Starr
-Well Brother Hawk slow things down a bit for us here and we’re better for it. What an incredible slow burn. This song feels like the last one the band plays at the bar… almost putting you to sleep before they flick the lights one last time. It’s thoughtful and melancholy. If you’ve never looked back on your life like this well then you’ve lived a pretty charmed existence. This ones real and raw and those guitars really shine on this one.

River Whyless – “Motel 6”
-After Jason Isbell’s song about the Super 8 motel, I never thought I’d hear another good song about a place to stay. I was wrong. This storytelling folk song does it really well. There’s a subtleness, a gentleness that makes this track really work. The lead vocal reminds me a bit of what I like about Joshua James. The phrasing and overall composition feels comfortable, yet the lyrics are a bit unsettling. How does it feel to wake up to where you REALLY are in life?

Adrienne Tooley – “All My Demons”
-We get plenty of submissions in the whole Joni Mitchell vein of singer songwriters. They’re not always in that class, but Tooley definitely is. You can hear the authenticity dripping from her melodies. The syntax of the lyrics are poetic without being smarmy, they feel raw without being rough. This is what authentic songwriting looks like. In fact, I dig this so much she might need to have a full review. Let’s get a “Yo Adrienne” on social media (tagging us) if you want to see a review of her full album.

El Coyote – “Come Around”
-This is a song that I’ve actually listened to several times because it’s just so unbelievably good. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes the tone of the vocalists work so well, but it has a certain timelessness that I adore. The lines are intricate, while also feeling familiar. They kind of remind me of what I loved about the Spring Standards. It’s a song your parents will like just as much as you. And if they don’t at first, they’ll come around.

Jonathan Rice – “Long Game”
-The first person I thought of when I heard this song was Kyle Cox. The two artists have a wonderful, plaintive delivery that shows the truth of their lyrics. The old fashioned composition style is really appealing. When the female vocal comes in for accent, I find myself just melting. It’s a wonderful song about keeping perspective in your life.

Eleanor Nelly – “Polaroid”
-When we go through tons of submissions, it’s sometimes hard to find the hidden gems. But I’ll tell you Nelly’s music stood out from a crowd without much trouble. Her guitar work is smooth and her vocal resonates with beauty and clarity. The nostalgic topic of looking back into your past for those moments that feel just right connects with us in a big way. This song would work great for a TV show or a film, all you execs out there checking out the blog. Get this talented artist some placements!

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