Invigorating neoclassical for your Thursday – Lunchtime Playlist May 10

Mr. and Mrs. Cello – “Nuvole Bianche”
-This is an act you don’t see every day; two world class cello players who are married to each other making sweet duet music together. It’s really an incredible thing to watch and certainly to hear. The emotionalism in the performance is accessible. The two interweave their music beautifully. The timing changes on this track in several places, making it on that stirs the listener to attention.

David Chutka – “#11”
-Take a deep breath and enjoy this neoclassical piece from David Chutka. The piano is deliberate and feels honest. It feels more like a thought or expression than a performance. The strings speak. The phrasing is delightful and refreshing. This piece makes me wonder what the other 10 are like. It’s hard not to call this type of music “peaceful” all the time, but this one really is quite peaceful.

Piotr Wiese – “Eclipse”
-Wiese has been on our page several times in the past. His writing continues to be a glimpse into the ideal of neoclassical music. Sometimes feeling like the music at a wedding ceremony, other times feeling like something that makes you want to sit at a coffeeshop and dream. No matter what it does for you, Wiese has the ability to cultivate thoughtful melodies that invoke something unique for each listener.

Meg Blumberg – “Happenstance”
-Do you remember how you felt when you watched the beginning of the film *Up*? Of course you do. You big baby. But anyways, that deep emotionalism is exactly what you’ll feel with Blumberg’s music. Her articulation on the piano works perfectly with the strings that give perspective. Anyone who has studied visual art knows about the importance of foreground and background; with Blumberg’s music, the piano is the foreground subject and the strings provide a picturesque background. Together, it appeals. This is such a delightful piece.

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