The 5 Best Tuesday Jams

Honey Gentry – “Heaven, California”

The vocals here are sure to melt even the most harden of hearts. Supported with minimal instrumental accompaniment, the strength by far is the siren like voice that will completely wreck you. Their ability to seduce while they paint a nostalgic landscape of California is rare to find. We come across a lot of artists every month, and this one might just be one of our favorites. It stays with you long after it is done. “Heaven, Californiais the first single off the upcoming Moonlight EP, out June 29th.

Hospital – “Nothing But Love”

We have loved these guys for a while now. The Russian indie pop act fire on all cylinders with their new catchy as hell single. Drawing upon inspiration from iconic 80’s acts like INXSand New Order, the band crafts a dance inducing pop track that will connect with a larger international audience for sure. Working on their third album, the act has already shared stages with the likes of Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood, and The Kooks. If you like infectious indie pop with rock tendencies, then look no further than Moscow.


Simon Alexander – “Slide”

The Swedish songwriter has a strong knack for swelling sounds and folk earnestness. Yes, the vocals are deeply emotive, but the true gem of “Slide” is the instrumentation. Combining a restless piano part with just enough acoustic guitar and drum, the track becomes an uplifting ode to love and life. His sound bounces between pop singer songwriter and neo folk band. “Slide” is a beautiful mix of genre and sound and will be adored by all who listen.

Diet. – “Danny Boy”

The Australian act have a great ability to be both serious and irreverent. With their single “Clothes Off”, the band crafted an ode to streaking. With their new single, “Danny Boy”, the act finds themselves punching listeners with a more straightforward and affecting sound. “Danny Boy” plays out like a Killers B-side. Their sound is big, passionate, and loads of fun.

Palace Winter – “Come Back (Left Behind)”

There is a lot to like about the Copenhagen duo Palace Winter. Instrumentally, they play like a more succinct War on Drugs, and vocally they both float and land lyrics that grow deeper with every spin. Their debut album has created a lot of buzz in the industry, and their sophomore release, Nowadays, is sure to find the band with an even more mature sound and fan base. Their restraint and execution is flawless on the new single.

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