Long live folk music – Lunchtime Playlist April 27

Logan Vath – “Guard”
-The easy going folk rock vibe of Logan Vath is like a cool drink of water in the midst of a musical desert. It’s clear that he has a knack for songwriting and a refreshing melody. The vocal is plaintive, yet moving. The entire composition comes together for a Petty-esque Americana vibe that keeps us coming back for more.

Emilie Mover – “Walkin’ Through”
-This thoughtful and placid song from Emilie Mover might be the sweetest thing you hear all week. The fingerpicking rolls along beautifully, while the soft spoken vocal feels like a friend telling you a secret you can’t wait to hear. This endearing style reminds me of old friends and small coffeeshops, two of my most favorite things.

The Duke of Norfolk – “Dylan Thomas Bitter Bitter”
-If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, don’t listen to this song. It is not to be rushed. This is a contemplative and thoughtful song. The vocal is nestled inside of a delightfully interesting fusion of strings. As the whole sound rises in the middle of the track, you can’t help but feel moved by a sort of chamber folk magic summoning the energy from a supernatural place. This is a moving piece well worth your consideration.

Greg Etter – “Keep the Lights On”
-Phrasing is an interesting part of songwriting and Etter nails it with this track. Something about his writing reminds me of another Greg… Holden. The songwriting here is absolutely incredible. The calm, honest presentation style is really good. I don’t have a more technical way to say it than I just really enjoy listening to this song. I can’t wait to hear more.

Teodor Holmqvist – “Wandering Tracks”
-The optimistic string work from Teodor Holmqvist always puts a smile on my face. You can just hear the joy of his soul coming through in his songwriting. This song has a bit of Tallest Man, sure, but I also hear some qualities that are more likely to put me in mind of American acts like Roger Miller. The joyful storytelling of this song is my favorite.

Anson Seabra – “Welcome to Wonderland”
-We often feature unknown tracks and artists, but Seabra has already seen some pretty amazing success with this track. It’s easy to hear why, inspired by Carroll’s classic *Alice in Wonderland*, the track has a fascinating reflection on fiction and reality. The peaceful piano gets me every time.

Whiplash Girlchild – “Walden”
-If you’re looking for artsy folk music, you should listen to this track. Whiplash Girlchild bring a sound that we’ve not really heard before. The closest comparison I might have is Oasis, crafting unconventional melodies and harmonies that weave in and around your expectations. The lyrics are abstract and invite thoughtful contemplation.

Karyn Ann – “My Dreams”
-Karyn Ann’s music is “folk” in the same way that Joni Mitchell is folk. It’s like how that whole 60s revival was folk and changed the world for the better. There’s an optimism to Karyn Ann’s voice that comes through in the track. It’s a song about finding peace in your subconscious and it resonates so wonderfully well.

Jeremy Messersmith – “Fireflower”
-So here it is, tucked in as the 9th song on a playlist for your random Friday lunch… one of the best songs of 2018. I put this track on my song of the year candidate list and love the quality so much I’m going to feature the album. The harmonies and guitars are outstanding. The dynamics of the recording are absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to listen to this over and over. For fans of Rayland Baxter and Joe Purdy.

TJ Foster – “First Person Volume One”
-Acoustic folk music is one of the main reasons I became a music blogger, so when I find good examples of the genre my heart is filled with joy. Foster’s songwriting does just that. The heartfelt lyrics come across as absolutely genuine. I could listen to this thoughtful, sincere music all day every day.

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