Five rising singer songwriter talents – Lunchtime Playlist April 19

Gaze is Ghost – “By the Book”
-With poetic lyrics and sincere piano melodies, Gaze is Ghost brings something wonderful to the indie music landscape. The articulation on the piano is beautifully rewarding. The solo lead lilts and moves along with grace. As the full band enters the piece, it morphs into something akin to art folk and is quite the treat for the listener’s ears.

Max Garcia Conover – “Home Pt 2”
-Acoustic guitar and wonderful lead vocal… that’s about all we need. But then when the lyrics are solid and the vocal phrasing near perfection, we’re all in. Conover’s work is good every time. Something about this one, though, hits on some nostalgia that goes beyond normal. This is a special song. Remember when a song saved our lives? What a line.

Rotana – “In the Morning”
-It’s not every day that we get a submission from Saudi Arabia, so we were shocked to hear this brilliant songwriting from Rotana. The acoustic style is bright and inspiring. The vocal moves along nicely as well. “Everything that happened I’ll pretend to forget” leads us to believe it’s a song about reconciliation after trouble. It’s restorative and bright, with love at the core.

Sam Coppenger – “You Make Me Feel”
-This track begins with a typical folk song core with a guitar and vocal. But when the full sound enters the track, you’ll feel something that is inspiring. It’s about how love is something spiritual and so much more than warm fuzzies. It’s a powerful anthem, with a pretty rad chord change that gives it a cinematic vibe, creating a track that is truly unique. I like it across the board.

Joe Holt – “As Bad As It Seems”
-The second time through this track, I shared it on my personal social media out of sheer love and fascination. The blend of politically-conscious folk rock and beautiful layered Beach Boys-esque harmonies is… well… delightful. It’s both an easy song to enjoy sonically, but a hard song to enjoy lyrically because it will make you confront a lot of national demons (if you are an American).

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