Throwback Thursday: : Tracks That Scream of a Past Era

The Mooks – “Going Steady”

With the incessant amount of music being produced nowadays, there is a growing desire to go back in time. We love the simple rock sounds that first made us swoon, before Garageband and bedroom production. Luckily there are bands like Toronto’s The Mooks. They play with conviction and nostalgia on their new throwback jam “Going Steady”. Influenced by greats like Roy Orbison and The Velvet Underground, we think their nod to their musical predecessors is just what we need to fall in love with music again. They do not try to do too much or impress listeners with over produced tracks. They simply make relatable music that connects with any age.

Riley – “Havoc”

Speaking of a refreshing throwback, the style of soulful crooner Riley is something that transcends time as it connects with listeners across preferences. Her ability to bounce between pop, jazz, soul, and Motown blues, is rare to find and comes from an earnest musical talent. The artist found herself catapulted into music in 2005 when she lost her mother her best friend to suicide. Her music is expressive and passionate, and this is what sets her apart from a crowded genre. “Havoc” is the sort of track you can play on repeat throughout your day without ever growing weary.

Sun K – “Bleeding Hearts”

It is hard not to absolutely blast this one from your speakers. The Toronto rock act has a flare for ‘70’s style production. “As a band we’ve always gravitated towards the sounds of 70s hazy rock n roll – big grooves, rich tones and smokey harmonies,” explains lead singer Kristian Montano. “Bleeding Hearts encapsulates what we tried to capture with this record, high-energy heart-on-your-sleeve rock and roll with enough of our personal sensibilities mixed in to give it that distinct Sun K sound.” It is no surprise then to hear their album was produced by Cone McCaslin who also worked with kindred spirit band The Strumbellas. If you are a rock n’ roll purist, you will totally dig these guys.

Cary Brothers – “Crush”

This one screams of ‘80’s goodness. The nostalgic and synth heavy track is off the forthcoming Bruises album (April 27) and names The Breakfast Club as a definite influence. The dreamy pop style of Brothers has connected with many while being placed on multiple television shows as well at the Garden State soundtrack. The artist explains his style this way: “I was always pegged as a singer/songwriter because I’m just one guy writing songs, but my heroes were artists like The Cure and Peter Gabriel, who wrote in huge, melodic, romantic sonic landscapes.  I was tired of feeling confined to a genre, so I finally made a record that reflects the music that has always inspired me. After some tough years personally, I needed to be inspired again. I needed to move forward.” Cary is prepping an impressive tour of both China and Australia in May. Check out his prolific dream pop catalog on your favorite streaming services.

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