Lunchtime Playlist March 29 – An alt rock mix

Yon Ort – “What You Feel”
-They bill themselves as psych rock and I think that’s about right for this creative art rock vibe from Yon Ort. “What you feel” gets you to question emotions, but also reality. What is real? Who are we? It’s one of those songs that seems like it’s probably better surrounded by bright colors and a really… uh… experimental environment.

Thunder and the Giants – “Lemon Cider”
-If the title of this song doesn’t make you pucker up, I’m not sure what will. It’s a really cool alt rock vibe. I am not good with comps on these types of bands, but they remind me of a lot of 90s rock bands with that brooding lyricism combined with uptempo chords. In fact, has anyone seen my hemp necklace and hackysack anywhere?

Vandelux – “Renegade”
-The effect on the vocal here is really cool. But more than that, the punctuated blues rock style is solid. When you combine those elements, it’s really a standout track. It seems like it would settle in with a particular group of fans who enjoy a kind of alt rock sound. It’s not for everyone, but people who enjoy a sort of Red Hot Chili Peppers style will enjoy this track.

The Curious – “Better than that”
-We usually cover songs close to their release, but we just caught wind of this one recently on SubmitHub despite it being a year old. Don’t hold that against the track because it’s a really fun punk tune. The vocals are quintessential modern punk! The chords will sooth you while the vocal grabs you and pulls you right out of your seat. This is what we mean when we say we want songs that stand out from the crowd!

Savannah – “All the right reasons”
-What would happen if you took a Led Zeppelin blues rock sensibility and combined it with a 90s grunge element and a early 21st century lyricism? You’d get Savannah. This band has a sound that feels like timeless rock while at the same time feeling like it’s absolutely brand new. The message is one of embracing your life because you don’t know what’s next. The slight rasp on the lead vocal really makes the band stand out in a memorable way.

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