Artist Feature: BirdyHop (NMF Winners Ep 77)

BirdyHop have an interesting sound that feels a bit like chill rock, sometimes old time and sometimes modern. The guitars are the best part by far. They released a few singles last year, so we’re going to give them some love here.

“On the Street Where You Live”
-This track reminds me of something from the Beach Boys at times. The atmospheric backing provides an intriguing basis for the guitars that take center stage. The vocals and lyrics almost seem secondary to the overall mood of the piece. The guitar solo around the 3.50 mark steals the show for me.

-This track is full of raw emotion, captured in layered keys. It feels like the best of 80s rock blended with the more modern trends in rock. The energy, though, is infectiously fun. The sports metaphor always works, making it an intriguing song overall.

“When We’re Older”
-If you’re a fan of George Harrison’s songwriting, you’ll like this song. There are some really interesting turns in the melody. It’s certainly not a formulaic folk or acoustic song. It feels like a free verse poem with all the fits and starts in the rhythm, but the 60s vibe really resonates with us.

“Hoping for a Miracle”
-This jam is how BirdyHop got on our radar and is by far the best sound of their singles. The tone on the guitars on this track is outstanding. I’d love to hear a full album with hooks like this one has in the opening. Both the guitar and the bass have that killer turn to it. The sort of cautious optimism of the lyrics connect with us in a big way.

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