Artist Feature: Ember Oceans (NMF 75 Winner)

In 2017 Ember Oceans put out two new singles. We’ll feature both here to give you an idea of the Ember Oceans sound. We don’t have a good comparison for them, but let’s just say that if you like lyrical pop music you’ll find something to enjoy here.

“Caught Up” is a track that emphasizes a desire for a person. The repeated “I’m a sucker for you” drives home that point pretty evidently. The lyrics are full of oohs and ahhs that intend to fill in for that “speechless” feeling when you meet someone you desire. The layers in the backing track feel like an 80s movie. *Insert Breakfast Club joke here*

“Spearmint” is an interesting song that seems to defy any sense of an era. The themes are timeless; it could be from the 60s or the modern day. The instrumentation makes it feel a bit more modern. The vocal lyricism is what pegs it for a 21st century jam for sure. In any event, the thing we like most about this track is that it really stands out from the crowd in pop rock music. While a lot of bands are mimicking what is already popular, these guys are making their own way. It’s a really refreshing sound that, oddly enough, makes me want a Corona with lime.

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