Artist Feature: Twilight Driving (NMF 74 Winner)

Twilight Driving are a Brighton, UK based rock outfit who are sure to put a smile on your face. Although they only have two singles out so far, they are both really great tracks. There’s no easy comparison for them, but sometimes they have the classic rock cache of someone like Dawes, but they also have a sort of modern vibe like Takeover UK that really gets me excited for the future of this band.

“When Love Goes Wrong” is a new spin on the old notion of the blues. It’s about being honest with yourself as you confront the emotional drain that is a breakup. The lyrics are like an 80s-tinged rock anthem celebrating counseling and moving on from a bad relationship. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, either. The tone on the guitars and the synths in the background give it a sort of inexplicably familiar sound.

“Soft and Pink” is the track that won the band this feature. You can hear what our voters heard in this band almost immediately. The guitars crash into the vocals with a force that is as exciting as it is inspirational. The love at the center of the song is one that sounds intense, but ultimately not successful. The imagery of fashion and the descriptors of “soft and pink” seem to work really well. The driving rhythm isn’t exactly a fit for the dance club, but will have you doing those little head bangs at your desk that make you miss the golden days of Phil Collins and Peter Cetera. Heck with those guys… our generation has Twilight Driving!

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