Brand New Music – Some recent releases in indie pop and rock

Here’s a list of some recent releases that we think our readers are really going to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to fill out a playlist or just find a new artist to love, we have a nice mix of indie pop and rock here for you.

Caiti Patton – “Animals”
-The crescendos on the synths here are really amazing, creating a track that feels dynamic and active. Patton’s vocal cuts through nicely, making for a full sound that is endearing without being overwhelming. It’s a song perfect for that study/chill playlist.

Human – “Ghost” with Avicii
-This is the pinnacle of electro pop music. The beat will get you moving and the vocals rise above it all. The full sound is deeply rewarding. The lyrics are emotional and the melody gets you moving. It’s really a sonic experience and it’s one that many of our listeners will appreciate. If you’ve never been in love with a ghost consider yourself lucky.

Arms Akimbo – “Seven Mirrors”
-If you’ve been reading our site for long, this band is not new to you. This is, however, a new song from these talented rockers. It still has their characteristic crisp guitars and cool vocals. The sound is just a snapshot of what indie rock is supposed to be. It’s outstanding.

Patrick Farrugia – “Find Your Way”
-This is an intriguing overall track. The vocals are pop punk and really enjoyable. The composition makes you think about finding your direction in life, but it feels real and authentic. More than anything, though, I just really like the main guitar lick and the way the song forms around that.

Daniela Mason – “Nightshapes”
-Mason’s vocal style is intriguing, understated at times. But the composition is one of those tracks that feels calm at first and then really opens up. You can imagine dancing to something like this at Ultra or some other big festival, digging all the energy in the electronic sounds. It’s intimate at times, but packs a punch when it breaks through.

Rob the Heart – “Slick Rick”
-This is a fantastic electro pop track that will make you feel young again. Hell, even if you are already young you’ll enjoy the vibe here. The gang vocal on this track gets me to literally dance and clap along with it. If you don’t like this, do you even like pop music???

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