Artist Feature: Miramar Drive (NMF 73 Winner)

Miramar Drive is a fascinating artist with an emerging career in the pop rock world. The sound is a bit of a pop punk feel and we really like it. The layered vocals are the best part, but the sunny guitars are pretty great too.

The track “Slow Down” is what won this feature and honestly it’s a great song. We liked it from the first time we heard it. The rhymes are simple and the music isn’t going to totally “wow” you, but the whole package together really clicks. It’s really easy to sing along and contemplate how you can slow down and believe in your own life.

The other single from 2017 was “Adult Thing,” a cool track with some interesting reverb on the vocal. Although it makes the lyrics hard to understand, the mood of the piece is really interesting. The beat is chill and the chords are melodic and soothing, keeping you engaged as a listener.

In 2016 the band had released a four song EP called Be Alive. I won’t break down all four tracks, but I did want to mention a few highlights. Upon listening to it after hearing the new music first, it’s evident that the band made a major production jump from 2016 to 2017. “Fear Your Dreams” has the same kind of introspection as the newer music. The pace of the track is a bit slow, but it’s a slow build toward a message that captures the feeling of not knowing where you’re going in life. “Everyone’s Alright” has an atmospheric quality to it that I really appreciate. Honestly I could do for more of this sound from the band. It’s almost got a Coldplay aesthetic and that really works both with the way the band sets up their guitars and the tone of the lead vocal. It would be cool to hear an updated version of this track with the better production and a clear mix for the vocal.

All told, Miramar Drive are one of those bands that is just a click or two away from being phenomenal. All the parts are there for a superb rising act. I hope to hear more from the band in 2018 as they continue to advance their sound. I hope they never lose the sunny guitar and quality lead vocal that helps them carve out a unique sound in a very crowded indie rock scene.

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