EP Review: The Get Ahead – Mind is a Mountain EP

If you’re looking for some good blues rock, look no further than The Get Ahead. We ran across this kicking band last year and are just now getting to cover them. They are an absolute treat, though, and do some pretty cool things to push the blues rock genre.

The opening track “Stella” is about love, of course. But it has this thoughtful reflection on what to do when you have to leave. His heart seems to be breaking (I mean, that’s the blues, right?) but the way that the lead vocalist “cries out” is really well done. It’s a good song and a stunning performance.

The following track is the title “Mind is a Mountain,” which was what first alerted us to this band. Just listen to the guitar licks on the track. It’s easy to tell why we instantly fell for their sound. “Talk to me brother need to hear your voice!” It’s a sentiment that so many can relate to, whether a literal brother or not. It’s about wisdom, about faith, and about sincere depth in a relationship. But the vocals on this sound like they could be some sort of folk band. It’s really a fantastic song.

“To the Wild” is another song with as much Americana influence as pure rock. The layered vocal steal the show. There seems to be a bit of a gospel core to these harmonies. The guitar work, though, as with some of the other tracks is really incredible. The song shifts to a female lead, that gives a whole new color and texture to the band’s sound. It’s rare to find a secondary vocalist who can keep up with the lead, but it works here.

The final track “Love Crime” has some saucy guitar licks and a flavor that reminds me of Carlos Santana’s music. The attitude in the lyrics and vocal performance keep the characteristic style of The Get Ahead. It’s full of what I can only think to call “moxy.” This is a “get away from me” manifesto that deserves your listen. You’ll get into it, trust me.

All told, this four song teaser just excites us to hear more from The Get Ahead. In terms of evaluation, I would say “Mind Is a Mountain” is far and away the best track on the album. If the band can capture more of that magic for other tracks, they are sure to rise up the indie rock and Americana ranks.

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