Tosca Abigail Crafts Genuine Americana Infused Tunes On New Album

There is an enduring theme of place and time on the new album by contemplative songwriter Tosca Abigail. Breaker makes sense when considering the artist’s new phase of life. A lifelong musician, Abigail has recently found a new desire and passion to create after a self-inflicted lull of artistic movement. Drawing inspiration from relationships and the more steady values of life, the songwriter has created something special on her new LP. Soaked in Midwestern ethos, the album unpacks like a touring scuffed suitcase and places nicely next to your favorite Dawes or Jason Isbell records. The album is an invitation to stay put in an ever-transient culture. The ten tracks are woven tightly, portraying an authentic gem of a songwriter who is more concerned with everyday ruminations than larger than life anthems or hooks. It is an earnest album made by an honest songwriter, and this we can all get behind her blessed intention.

“Breaker”, the title track, plays like a groovy rock Americana jam. The tune is warmly layered like a Midwestern January night. It contrasts an endearing pop guitar echo with a more rootsy acoustic guitar and blues soaked vocal landscape. A fun track about reviving a stagnant life, we especially appreciate the warmth stowed away in its expressive imagery.

Listeners will value the space of “Austin” as much as we value tracks named after beloved musical cities. The jam is reflective, with just enough slide guitar to draw hearers into the descriptive songwriting narrative before jamming into a memorable climax. Abigail finds common ground here and shows her strength as a road weary artist gifted beyond her years. Her talent is only further exemplified in the Dawes nod “February Song”, which pairs nicely with the previous track.

“Back in Kalmazoo” is a refreshing rock track that closes the thoughtful album. A guitar rich backstop, vocally it is as fun as it is deep. Do not sleep on the understated drum fills that are on par with the killer guitar solos. Here we find Abigail putting the final touches to a fun but politically touched devotion. This is the closest thing to a straightforward rock track the album produces. Fading into Buddy Guy territory, the track battles between cynicism and the hopeful refrain of Abigail’s croon.

Breaker is equal parts Americana and reflective singer songwriter. Tosca Abigail’s collections of songs tell of a grounded dreamer who looks back while optimistically gazes forward and charges ahead. If you enjoy life rooted songwriting brimming with Americana talent, then look no further than the ten tracks of Breaker by Tosca Abigail.

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