A short but sweet folk playlist

The Lullaby Club – “Batman and Robin”
-The opening of this track is relaxed and enjoyable. When the full band joins in, the sound morphs a bit toward more of an alt rock style. In any event, the song captures a great deal of emotion. It’s uptempo and feels kind of 80s… in a good way.

C Stewart McKee – “Move On”
-The subtle acoustic guitar work on this track makes me smile with every listen. The vocal is strong too, so when the two work together it’s a really enjoyable sound. At times the swelling background track makes it feel like it could have come from a film score. The whole composition, complete with well-placed percussive breaks, is a rewarding experience. It’s one that I plan to come back to often in 2018.

Joe Marson – “This is Magic”
-This is more soul than it is folk, but whatever it’s so good I’m including it here. The attitude of the track comes through in the vocal and the handclaps. But when the bass run enters the track, you’ll feel like you can climb the Rocky steps in Philly. It’s a totally inspiring song with an out-of-this-world good lead vocal. I can’t wait to follow Marson for the long haul.

The Morning Sea – “Listen Love”
-Just listen to that harmonica, will ya? This is a wonderful song by a talented rising band. They remind me a little of how I felt when I first heard St Paul de Vence some years ago. It’s almost chamber folk in the composition and performance style. Whatever you call it, this is beautifully intriguing music. I love the harmonies and strings by equal measure.

Talena Bricker – “From these cliffs”
-This sweet, subtle folk style is well balanced for the ear. The acoustic guitar just glides from line to line, providing a beautiful basis for the lead vocal. The great thing about Bricker’s vocal is that she doesn’t try to do too much, but it doesn’t feel understated either. It just nestles expertly into the string work, like a bird into its nest. This is a fascinating track full of natural imagery and a comfortable vibe.

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