Four Provocative and Unconventional Tracks For Your Tuesday

Rosie Tucker – “Spinster Cycle”

Quirky and clever, “Spinster Cycle” is a Joni Mitchell style rock jam about laundromat love. Tucker has a great talent for jumping between style and influences in the way reminiscent of Regina Spektor. Listeners can’t help but be drawn to her metaphor and strong irony. We appreciate her uncommon commonness and the way she crafts seemingly simple songs that grab your attention for a variety of reasons. We cannot wait to hear more from the young songstress. Expect an EP soon.

The Leers – “I Can’t Cope”

This New Zealand act is something special. If you want something that will make you rock back and forth and even dance a little, look no further than their debut single. Capturing the lyrical bite of the Arctic Monkeys and the guitar work of a classic jam band, The Leers explore a wide range of sound in broad and creative ways, and it works. Mixing a hint of blues with an overall indie pop ethos, including essential handclaps, the band seems to be unaware of genre restrictions and limitations. They simply want to put out solid tracks and maybe dance a little.

Poisonous Birds – “Big Water”

These may be the poster boys for unconventional. The track has a brooding undertone that is occasionaly picked up into optimism with tremendous swelling vocals. Amidst guitar fuzz, the band explores limits of sound and genre in a way that is authentic and incredibly visceral. “Big Water” is an exploration of technology and the internet says lead singer Tom Ridley: “I find always being connected and the expectation to always be available and interruptible overwhelming and exhausting. Also the quantity of information we all absorb daily is immense. Most of it isn’t even useful. There’s just so much noise. Finn & I periodically get out of Bristol and go off-grid for a while, into remote parts of the country to replenish. This song explores some of those ideas.” The urgency here is ever rising and dramatic and might be the most provocative release we have heard this year.

Conversing With Oceans – “Beasts”

The ambient rock project of Alex Bondarev keeps supplying us with compelling tracks to talk about. Opening up with a recited monologue, the track explodes into an industrial style 30 Seconds to Mars jam. Sampling a variety of background clips, the track is engaging and lyrically the strongest of the projects recent releases. Bondarev is able to make enduring and endearing rock tracks that lift spirits throughout his expansive sound. His current EP is worthy of a purchase if you enjoy swelling walls of pop experimentation.

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