Artist Feature – New voice in traditional country music, Wes Youssi

We found Wes Youssi last year and really enjoyed the way that he can channel that traditional country sound. There’s a real honkytonk vibe to his music.

“Crazy Train”
-No, this is not a cover of the classic Black Sabbath tune by the same name. It’s a nice methodical country song that feels more Bakersfield than Nashville. The flavor is enjoyable from start to finish. Youssi’s vocal sounds as genuine as a Carter or a Cash. That said, what makes it work really well is the sense of genuine love trying to maintain an off-kilter relationships. Oh and steel guitar. I mean heck yeah.

“High Time”
-This track is the one that brought us to Youssi’s music. Again more Bakersfield than Nashville, it’s a great early country-rock fusion. The “think maybe it’s high time to get some attention” line works perfectly. The melody feels like it could have come straight off a Merle Haggard album. If you like this type of throwback country music with electric guitars and plenty of clean pickin’, keep an ear out for Youssi’s music in the near future.

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