The Tuesday Top 5

Andrew Goldring – “Lost in the Motion”

Goldring’s new EP Morning Light, is a fresh start for the songwriter. Coming off fronting two bands over the past years, Golden Sun and Great Interstate, he decided to go solo on his latest effort. Working with Phillip Shaw Bova (Feist, Bahamas), the EP is a refreshing collection of floating nostalgic rock. A mix between Elliott Smith and site favorite Embleton, Goldring is able to construct something truly special here that will resonate long after the final chord. On “Lost in the Motion”, he crafts a track that would make The War on Drugs jealous, complete with lush guitars and a rising melody.

BONZIE – “Nettling”

This one is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. The young singer songwriter crafts a near perfect piece of folk similar to the likes of Cat Power and Fiona Apple. “Nettling” soars and bends among strings and piano, which is made complete with the incredible vocals. If our site had a sound, we would be hard-pressed to come up with a more apt sound than that of BONZIE. Not much is available on the artist but that only makes it more impressive. The five tracks available all show a young and talented artist at their peak.

The Skullers – “Peace With You”

At this point of January, artists are gearing up to make their plan for the coming year. Sometimes, the great tracks take a few weeks to start rolling in. This is a prime example of the failure of traditional wisdom. Lead singer Jake Skuller rips through a bluesy rock jam that would give Gary Clark Jr. at least a head nod. Mixing Foo Fighters style rock with said blues; the band has crafted a captivating explosion of sound that is set to burn ’18 with passionate licks. The group is gaining more and more accolades and exposure and is ready for a huge year.

Sea Girls – “Heavenly War”

The UK rockers are the real deal. The burgeoning sound is well crafted and catchy as hell. Their playbook is pretty familiar, guitars, drums, and UK flavored crooning, but they surpass expectations with how well it all comes together. Listeners might hear a little 1975 in their sound, but the band chemistry with Sea Girls is surely something unique and incredibly special. They are set to be every bit as popular by treading their own ground before exploding into the mainstream.

Kid Oku – “Cosmic Love”

This one has so many styles, it is sure to hit with many genre fans. If you do not like the current sound, just give it a minute. Starting out with a nod to bands like Joy Division, the London artist is jumps into an indie rock and punk guitar breakdown that makes the track a must listen. We understand the music of Kid Oku will not be for everyone, but we were dramatically impressed with his ability and courage to take a new approach. The end result is something to respect at least and love at most.

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