Your Must Have New Year’s Playlist

Pleasures of the Damned – “Apple Pie”

Besides having a killer name, these UK rockers have a glowing similarity to the likes of Bully and 90’s grunge. The way they build an explosive sound is top notch on their latest single. If you miss the whole Seattle rock sound, these guys have you covered. We have to mention the video too. We come across so many music videos that we get sick at the typical intros and art projects. This one is perfect because of its straightforwardness. Just guys rocking out with solid camera work. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Meernaa – “Good Luck”

Good luck not immediately falling in love with this one. The soul on this is tremendous and mixes a variety of psych and folk vibes for good measure. The power of vocalist/guitarist Carly Bond’s vocals are palpable and are only matched by an expert guitar and bass line that will make listeners swoon. The band is said to take inspiration from Grizzly Bear and Prince, and we can definitely hear it within “Good Luck”. It shifts and shapes itself in it’s own image. The style and flow of this has us pumped for another single.

Chasing Ella – “Your Moment”

We are convinced in the talent of this Tennessee indie pop outfit. Their soaringly mature sound is captivated perfectly on their latest single, “Your Moment”. It is clear the guys are having their own moment on the rising track. “Release the fear, face your doubt” the band encourages. The drummer for perennial indie stars MAE even lends his talent on the track. If you like MAE, Death Cab, or even shades of Walk The Moon, then seriously consider Chasing Ella for your New Year playlist.

iDA Hawk – “Start Again”

With the start of a new year, it is normal to look behind and wish for a restart. NYC songstress iDA Hawk has got you covered. With her trademark soul vocals and incredible piano playing, the artist has created something truly special on the criminally short track. Honestly, we could have heard this track on repeat for our entire New Year and not grow weary. Her voice is fresh and has drawn the attention of Billboard and fans alike. This might be the show-stopping track your New Years party need, especially if you have a melancholy temperament like us.

Balkan Bump – “Irfan” feat. Paul Bertin

We don’t cover many pure instrumentals but this one is a glorious exception. If you do not immediately want to bob and weave your way through whatever coffee shop, living room, or supermarket you find yourself in, then you might want to check for a pulse. The track from producer, trumpet player, and ethnomusicologist Balkan Bump has a tremendous worldly appeal and is a legit party starting track. The artist has impressive collaborations, including one with Talib Kweli you need to check out. We cannot recommend this one enough.

Ed Wells – “Midnight Man”

If you’re a fan of minimalist soul, then this is your jam. Wells’ croon is particularly impressive on the track that is beautifully accompanied by the proper amount of electro goodness. The Sydney artist also finds a way to study law while moonlighting as an incredible synth-soul artist. We love hearing stories like this – the narrative of grind and hustle. This track portrays a multi talented artist that begs to be heard.

Conversing With Oceans – “Open (Part 1)”

We are pretty much out of language to describe the solo project of Alex Bondarev. If you have read us much lately, you will notice just how much we love his artistic direction. His upcoming EP, Trilogy, is set to be a piece of colorful indie rock mixed with pop and even post-rock. Introspective and dynamic, his rising sound can set hundreds of hearts ablaze. “Open (Part 1)” is a different direction than earlier tracks, but it is equally as engrossing.

Awolnation – “Passion”

Being a fan of the musical project of Aaron Bruno for sometime, we were incredibly stoked to hear the new direction of the band. The latest singles have more of a band feel and mix pop into the electronic rock sound. The chorus on this one is heavily infectious and has us desperately waiting for their third album. At this point, the band is an established mega-force in the scene that they have helped to create. This is a perfect re-introduction to the act and will find itself on many a playlist.

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