Artist Feature: Wiens Lief (NMF 58 Winners)

Wiens Lief are a three-piece folk outfit from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Their harmonies are angellic. If you haven’t heard them yet, please sit down and relax. You’re going to fall in love times three, we promise.

Their song “Better than me” is an original that melted our hearts right away. The ebbing and flowing of the vocals is absolutely gorgeous. The guitar work provides just the kind of Simon and Garfunkel mood that is perfect for the overall style of the trio. If you’ve never heard sweet melancholy, give this track a spin.

Of course lots of folks have covered Elvis Presley over the years, but you’ve never heard a cover like this. It takes the soul of “Hound Dog” and puts a unique twist on the sound. Feeling more like a sweet mountain tune than a blues rock anthem, the track has a fresh, captivating new feel to it.

The trio also have a cover of “Nobody knows me at all” by the Weepies, perhaps stylistically a bit more in their lane. The vocal harmonies are outstanding. Rather than guitar, this track utilizes what sounds like a ukelele and it’s just delightful. Some of the chord progressions here are fantastic. The overall sweetness of the track is almost unbearable.

Their SoundCloud page has a few more covers that are all enjoyable in their own way. The main point we want to make is that people should definitely follow along with Wiens Lief as they continue to develop their sound. If “Better than me” is an indication of the kind of originals we can expect from them, we’ll definitely be featuring their beautifully harmonic music on our site again soon.

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