Seattle’s Night Ships Create Emotive and Experimental Art For the Masses

We cover a lot of music. We mean a lot. Some of our favorites are the ones who test the boundary of genre, and in doing so, what is possible. Of course it is easy to blend different styles and influences, but what separates good from great acts is how they are able to own the sound and make it their own without sounding forced or niche.

For Seattle trio Night Ships, the leaps made between styles are simply something in their musical DNA. Endearingly post-punk, the band expands their sound often within the limits of one track, to include style and substance that are on the fringes. On the shoe gazey “She Sleeps in Trees”, you hear Interpol style vocals, mixed with the glam gloom of Bauhaus. On “Defaulter of Skill”, the band mixes beautiful guitar fuzz with urgently vulnerable vocals before launching into a scorching drumbeat.

Their strength might be found in their ability to blend loud waves of sounds with a more paced and melodic structure. The burner “Optimism” is a great example of this. With all this said, Night Ships are not for everyone. We understand their sound can be a little experimental and Meta at times, but the payoff is great with these guys. If you are looking for an artistic band doing something outside the mainstream culture of alternative rock, then check these guys out. You won’t be disappointed.

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