4 Rising Must Hear Songwriters

Emily James – “Lion’s Den”

Wow. This track from the young singer songwriter has the ability to make ardent supporters of pop country out of stubborn rock purists. Her country-tinged voice is understated and incredible while mixing incredibly with a building sound similar to another songwriter currently ruling the genre. James has been playing music for the majority of her life and moved to Nashville at 16 years old to later work with multiple producers with Grammy credits to their name. Her strength is her ability to give you just enough insight into her heart without trying to impress or overdo it. Her restraint shows an artist much more mature than her years should allow. There is a classic feel to her sound that will connect with many different listeners. Keep an ear out for her debut LP ‘Til The Morning, which is slated for a 2018 release.

Holiday Oscar – “I Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”

“Every songwriter says you should ‘write about what you know’ so I wrote a song about my phone,” explains the UK songwriter. This is a quirky song in the same field of sound as Randy Newman and is incredibly catchy. The lyrics mix well with an island vibe sound the artist creates. Of course, this is a first-world problem that us millennials definitely understand, but Holiday Oscar is able to humorously illustrate it in an engaging way. While this track might not be for everyone, we do think at the very least, you will feel a peaceful bond with the plight of the young artist.

Luutzen – “Older”

The Berlin artist has crafted a folk sound that is as solid as it’s cleverly poignant lyrics about growing older. It is beautifully tongue and cheek while both mocking and reinstating the complexity and simplicity of growing up. There are few tracks we come across that lyrically fits together as well as this one. Each line is delivered with sincerity with no excess or unneeded pomp. It is remarkable to believe this is his debut recording as well. His folk sound betrays a weary and extremely talented artist that is on top of his craft. We are intrigued to listen and continue to discuss the inner workings of maturity and existence.

Conversing With Oceans – “Courage (Part 2)”

We cannot get enough of the solo project of Alex Bondarev. Off his upcoming EP Trilogy (The Orchard), we have been intrigued since we heard of the artist a few months ago. His sound has drawn the praise of NPR while granting him the ability to work with producer Tim O’Sullivan (Childish Gambino, Karen O, Anderson .Paak). He has done some globetrotting in his life and his vast influences come out nicely within his expansive sound. He continues to impress with his ability to craft a carefully layered wall of sound that has the ability to blow past genre and mere description. Each track we hear plays out like an artistic narrative that intrigues and excites. You should get hip to him now before your friends are telling you about him later.

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