Three Engaging Tracks to Make You Feel Connected

Guest review by Rachel Bearinger

You love music. You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t. Everyone listens to music for their own reasons, but for me, I often listen to feel connected. There’s just something about the emotional pull of a great melody, chord progression, or killer lyrics. In these next three tracks, you’ll find all three.

“Don’t Make Me A Fool” – Violetta Zironi

I’m a sucker for a gorgeous female vocal performance, and Violetta Zironi certainly delivers on her single “Don’t Make Me A Fool.” The Italian singer-songwriter’s lyrics are instantly relatable, and contribute to the feeling of connection. The instrumental arrangement of this waltz-y tune builds and swells in all the right places. It’s definitely worth a listen (or 1000!).

“One Last Dance” – Billy Chi

As a guitarist and jazz musician myself, I can’t help but connect with Billy Chi’s new solo instrumental single. His melody is fresh and original, and his sense of timing is impeccable. I can imagine myself hanging out in a late night jazz club where Billy is performing and having to stop any and all conversation to appreciate this tune. Give him a follow for updates about his new EP release.

“Truro Road” – Juan María Solare

Pianist Juan María Solare’s music is the kind that is designed to take you to new heights emotionally. “Truro Road” is no exception. The nostalgic feel of this piece leads me to believe that Truro Road is a place where Solare had an important childhood experience. The tune takes me right back to the house where I grew up. Don’t pass on this one!

Rachel Bearinger is a folk singer/songwriter from the Midwest. You can listen to her debut EP here (hyperlink here:

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