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Sometimes it baffles my mind that we get enough music to put ten bands in this feature every week. That’s 520 bands a year just for this feature. You wouldn’t believe how many thousands we have to reject, too. There are a lot people making music. Won’t you give the ones we’ve curated here a shot for your listen and your fandom?

Kristen Foreman – “Four and a Half Minutes”
-If you’re a fan of traditional country music and an authentic vocal, Kristen Foreman is a great new artist. The production around her is good without being overbearing or taking over the track. The sentiment in the song about being with someone just for a dance is… well… pretty wonderful and relatable. Alright now stop thinking about that old flame and click play on the song.

Macy Todd – “Bump That”
-There’s a beautiful optimism in Macy Todd’s song “Bump That.” The beat is really fun. The vocal layering makes it feel easy to sing with and definitely the groove makes you want to dance. It has this feeling of walking down a street. I can totally picture like an early 90s montage style music video for this one. This is textbook pop music and you should definitely get bumpin that booty when the bass line drops!

REDLANDS – “Cannibal Lover”
-Listeners with more of a technical ear might be expecting a band we call “indie rock” to be hooky and pop, but REDLANDS are definitely not that. It’s a much harder rock sound than what we usually cover. That said, there’s a richness to the textures in this song that we find really intriguing. It’s about getting “lost in the flames” and getting a little deeper. I can’t say I totally understand what a “cannibal lover” really is, but it sounds dark and perfect for a certain brand of harder rock music.

Miramar Drive – “Slow Down”
-If there’s such a thing as a “classic” indie rock sound, this is it. The guitars and vocals work perfectly with this atmospheric and optimistic rock vibe. Even the lyrics push you to slow down and just feel a bit more. The imagery of the song is really artful and enjoyable. This track, written in performed by Jacob Craddock from Orlando, Florida, is a remarkable achievement is songwriting and recording. The hooks and harmonies leave us looking forward to more from Miramar Drive.

Mt Joy – “Silver Lining”
-Whether you call this alt rock or folk music, this track from Mt Joy is really inspiring. The energy of it, both in lyrics and raw rock power, really gets the listener amped up. Mt Joy, like other folk bands we’ve covered, hail from Philadelphia. Whether it’s the gang vocal on the chorus or just the rowdy vibe of the whole track, this one is destined to be a festival banger for sure.

Chris Stills – “This Summer Love”
-If you miss the days of people like Kenny Rogers crooning out beautiful love songs on AM radio stations, you will like Chris Stills. That sounds like a backhanded compliment, but I really do like this track and the way that it so softly and subtlely delivers a sweet message. The strings are excellent, giving texture to the great singing and melody from Stills. It’s unpredictably enjoyable.

Fred Page – “Saw It Off”
-This song from Fred Page has “hit” all over it. There’s a real Ray Lamontagne and Vance Joy legitimacy to his vocal. But beyond that, there’s a pop energy to the track overall that will give it mass appeal. If this isn’t the one that launches Page’s career, there will be one. He has that “it” factor in his vocal and inflection that make it just a matter of time before he’s a household name.

Exit – “Cliche”
-It’s no secret that I’m a fan of pop punk music, but sometimes it just doesn’t really click. When I first heard Exit I felt about 15 years younger immediately. I wanted to start jumping and scream-singing with the guys again. The lyrics are – shocker here – about the complications of a broken relationship. He’s forlorn, heartbroken, but it’s just not going to work out. The lyrics are cliche (intentionally), but the energy of the track is absolutely raw and enjoyable. For fans of All-American Rejects.

Moncrieff – “Symptoms”
-Funny enough, both Matt and I liked this track and said very different things about it. I called it “Cage the Elephant indie rock” and Matt called it “Hozier styles mixed with more soul.” We’re both right. This energetic Irish singer songwriter is hitting the scene HARD with this track, which is getting plays faster than we can keep up with him. If these soulful inflections don’t get your blood pumping, I don’t know what will.

Bullseyes – “Butterfly”
-Blues rock is here to stay and our ears are happy about that. Fans of the Black Keys will love this resonator-rich, dirty bluesy track from Bullseyes. The vocal here is really satisfying, too. When the rest of the band joins in the vocal, the vibe of the track really digs in further. It’s weird to hear such a rough and tumble sound be about something as delicate as a butterfly, but that’s exactly the point.


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