Prepare the Handclappers! It’s indie pop time!

Okay not every indie pop has a handclap part, but… an awful lot of them do. You have to admit that’s part of the fun until you have an eight dollar beer in your hands and you’re like… chug so I can clap? Or nurse the drink and not dance? These are the difficult decisions life throws at us!

Kaptan – “Moving On”
-I’m no professor or anything, but I don’t think that’s how you spell captain. Spelling foibles aside, this is an infectiously enjoyable song and you can EVEN CLAP! When Matt told me this song had “hit potential” and sounded like “Relient K” I thought he was trolling me. I was wrong, he was being serious and I freaking love it. The song is high energy and I can’t wait to hear Kaptan live. Seriously one of the more exciting tracks we’ve heard in the second half of 2017.

The Luck – “Rise and Shine”
-This one has less of a handclap ethos as it just has that crisp vocal quality that we love. The chords bring this coolness to the sound. I don’t mean cool like a leather jacket, I mean cool like brooding and dark but also really powerful. Maybe you wouldn’t call a song like this pop, but it has a terrific lyrical imagery and a sound that a lot of people would like. The alt rock vibe meets some really positive chord progressions, creating an indie pop vibe that we definitely support.

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