Electro pop to get you dancing

We somewhate resisted the electro pop explosion around here at ETTG, but now that we’ve embraced it we haven’t stopped dancing for over a year. Okay, it’s not that extreme but honestly we’ve found some pretty fun tracks. If we started a side gig DJing with indie electro pop music, would you hire us?

Rilan – “Money Talk”
-This song is full of fire and energy. The lyrics are sometimes hard to follow, but the beat drops so hard and we love it. The lyric base of “it’s a sad city when you’re not that pretty” is a bit vapid for our taste, but if you just get into the beat and don’t let it crush your soul (for all of us 6/10 types), the dancing is still fun.

Evalyn – “Ride or Die”
-This smooth indie pop electro track is an extremely cool sound. If you haven’t heard Evalyn’s crystal clear vocals and overall nice vibe, consider this your introduction. It’s the kind of song that could definitely appear on the top 40 at any time. Let’s try to get her there, ok? The lyrics are complicated, talking about the confusion of trying to find happiness with the different messages that the world can give us. How do we find our way? Evalyn’s answer seems to be by finding comfort in our peer group.

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