An eclectic mix for our music loving readers

Are you looking for something unique? Something that goes outside the bounds of what your algorithm might give you? Sit back, relax, and enjoy some carefully curated new tunes from a variety of great new artists.

St Buryan – “Forget to Love”
-Okay catchy, harmonic, and fun… we’re off to a killer start with this St Buryan jam. The lyrics get you thinking about your past, but the harmonies will have you dreaming of better times. It’s a really uptempo and enjoyable indie rock tune. It’s hard to come up with a “sounds like” band because the rich pop harmonies and syncopated indie rock rhythm rarely mix like this.

Kitty – “4 Days 4 Nights”
-Try to listen to this vocal without saying “mmmhmm” I dare you. It’s neosoul music with an amazing lead vocal. The keys and beat set the mood for a blues core that moves neatly into a cool soulful element. The comparison that pops into my mind is someone like Mary J Blige. Close your eyes and soak this in… I bet you’ll sway within a minute.

Chris Molitor – “Carry Me”
-This is the kind of clap-happy folk music that brought you to EarToTheGround, we just know it. If you’re looking for a feel good, but thoughtful song you’ll love this one. It reminds me of the joy I feel listening to NeedToBreathe’s “Washed in the Water.” The undeniable gospel-influenced folk music makes for a great time and a wonderful introduction to a new artist we hope to cover more in the future.

Loyal Lobos – “Dirt”
-If you’ve been around here for several months or more, you’ve heard Loyal Lobos. She’s one of our favorites (shh, don’t tell the others). Her songs are consistently satisfying. Her vocal is supreme quality and the lyrics push the listener to that “next level” of thinking about life. This one has a really delightful ethos to it, even as you feel yourself pulled by something really primal while listening.

The Bittersweet Way – “Nothing Left to Say”
-I am not totally sure I understand shoegaze as a genre, but I think this is a really good example of it. The guitars absolutely glow on this one. The vocal is a bit understated, but are still enjoyable. It’s a kissing cousin with alt rock, or maybe it’s a subgenre. Anyways, I find the complex elements of this song (especially the breakdown – or is it a bridge?). It’s like a mashup of a lot of good music into something really unique.

Arms Akimbo – “Parachute”
-Arms Akimbo are another band we’ve covered in the past and we’re really digging this new song as well. It’s a really fantastic vocal style that keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it’s the song name, but this listen through I keep thinking of Coldplay. The melodic pop rock sensibility is really enjoyable, creating a vibe that would totally be at home on a pop rock radio station. Try it at your next party and I bet your friends will ask who it is!

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