Three Thought-Provoking Neoclassical Tracks

Neoclassical music was not something I ever thought I would blog about regularly. I don’t know the technical terms for everything going on in “the piece” and always feel a bit like a fish out of water with it. That said, I find the genre to be some of the most moving music we get. Whether it’s cinematic or chamber, sweet and soft or epic and moving, it’s a fascinating genre. Enjoy these.

Voltiano – “Times We Had”
-Voltiano is an Estonian musician who pushes the limits of what you might think of as classical music. There are ambient new age sounds in this track that may not be for everyone, but I find them quite calming. The piano, intricately placed, helps to move the song into a transcendent space. This is perfect for meditation or rest, certainly, but I also find it to be extraordinarily thought provoking. Sit. Be. Enjoy.

Fer Isella – “Simple”
-Fer Isella is an Argentinian piano player who brings together influences I guarantee you’ve never heard before. Just as you think you have melded into the melody of this piece, it will change ever so subtlely into something different. The variations and layers here are truly new and interesting. The complexity makes the jazziness feel deeply rewarding and thoughtful.

Igor Longhi – “Growing Up”
-To complete our trip around the world, we return to Europe to visit Italian composer Igor Longhi. The song is a soundtrack style, evoking images (for me at least) of a great journey. I picture myself on a sailboat across the sea or perhaps a wagon in the old days. It invites thoughtful reflection about who we are, where we are, and where we are going. It’s amazing how the layers of sounds with piano at the base and several other instruments dancing over top seem to evoke such raw human optimism. More of this, please, composers. So beautiful.

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