Three Pop Songs to Enjoy the Fall Joy

Whether you’re at a pumpkin patch with family, a ball game with the boys, or just relaxing around home, here are three optimistic pop songs to make your day.

Nick Fradiani – “I’ll Wait for You”
-Admittedly a pop anthem that focuses on a romantic relationship, the song is fun and engaging. Maybe this is one to sing with your significant other, but the singable chorus is one to celebrate. Waiting for each other can have a lot of connotations, but the main sentiment of dedication and exclusive love is always a sweet sentiment. Oh and Fradiani has some PIPES!

KNGDVD – “Blood on Our Hands”
-This is a pump up anthem that will get you motivated and moving. The lyrics are deceptively complex for a song that feels fun and encourages singing with the gang vocal. The “heads gonna roll” sentiment rolls off the tongue easily, morbid though it may be. This would be a good one for hyping up the team or throwing a few back with the boys.

Seth Gleier – “Too Much Water”
-Don’t sleep on this track. The beginning is contemplative and introspective like a George Harrison track, but if you hang on it opens up into a Brian Wilson style epic harmony track. Just give it time. If you’re a fan of seeing how the proverbial “sausage is made” the video for this track shows Gleier impressively playing all the instruments and singing. It’s really a brilliant accomplishment and we’re really happy to feature Gleier’s work in this pop showcase.

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