Soulful Songwriters Andrew Whitman and Elliot Taylor Create Impassioned Tracks You Need to Hear

Andrew Whitman – “Things To Come” / “Patience”

The recent album from this painfully sincere singer songwriter has drawn deep comparisons with Jack Johnson with a Brandi Carlile approach to songwriting for good measure. “Things To Come” offers a hopeful look into the future, which we can all agree is much needed. “I can’t wait for things to come,” sings the optimistic Whitman. On “Patience” the artist continues that positive vibes while maintaining a soulful love vibe. It climaxes with a classic guitar solo that showcases his rare talent. Whitman creates songs that can connect to anyone with a heartbeat. His sincerity and everyday man feel draws listeners in, converting them to his brand of fantastic folk rock.

Elliot Taylor – “Holy Or The Broken”

This track by the recently named Best Unsigned Live Act in the UK was written about Leonard Cohen the day before he died. We were immediately struck at his Jeff Buckley style approach and as the song develops, we were hooked. Bouncing between sweet and gritty vocals, the soulful Taylor has an incredible ability to build layers of sound within a few shorts minutes. By the end, listeners might just be shouting Hallelujah. It is that good.

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