Three Tasty Tracks To Tackle Your Tuesday

Hunter As A Horse – “Chasing Summers”

The band’s The Two Magics Vol.2 EP is a follow up to Vol.1, which featured tracks featured on numerous TV shows. They further their sound with a hauntingly moving mix of genre and space. “Chasing Summers” sways between folk and synth pop and everywhere in between. It would be no surprise to find out the band recorded the new EP at an old farmhouse in Tuscany that was previously owned by a local sorcerer. “We wanted to cut ties with the influences of the city and reconnect with nature in order to create something deeply honest and fearless. Where better than in the foothills of Tuscany. There’s a strong tradition of art and music in these hills” said Mia, the band’s vocalist and guitarist. There is something deep and affecting in their sound. The care and deliberate crafting of tracks is extremely noticeable and appreciated. The new record is sure to win even more fans to their brand of ‘80’s influenced goodness.

Fins Ara – “Alone”

Sometimes you come along a track that you love immediately without having the words to adequately describe the reason why. “Alone” is such a track. It beautifully illustrates its song title through emotive piano and falsetto vocals. It is equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful. It is a thoughtful reflection on isolation and an ever-demanding world. This is the second single off the debut EP A Love, Elusive and is sure to be a highlight on the release.

Sakura – “Stale Love”

If the sound of London based singer songwriter sounds worldly, it is because it is. Drawing inspiration from her Japanese and Chinese upbringing, the singer was raised in Hong Kong and has a unique take on traditional folk pop. There is a certain sensitivity to her sound that reminds us of a throwback ‘90’s soft rock sound. She has a dramatic sound that pulls listeners into a more authentic sound than is typical. Her sound is refreshing and compelling and will fit nicely as a palate cleansing and genre busting track.  

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